There are 5 nodes of NALMIN in 4 different cities.  All nodes are imaging core facilities that provides microscopy services to local research communities. All nodes are equipped with standard high end microscopes as well as more specialized frontier optical imaging technologies based on their local research needs.

Besides providing access to actual microscopes, we also provide services such as imaging experiment consultation, image processing, data management and various training workshops.  
Through various services and activities, we have nurtured a lively local optical microscopy scientific community. The annual imaging workshop hosted by NorMIC node have trained more than 250 norwegian and international researchers.

Oslo, Radium Hospital Branch

The Radium Hospital Node is headed by Prof. Harald Stenmark. Radium Node Website

The NorMIC node is an EuroBioImaging Node


Oslo, University of Oslo, IBV Branch

This branch it is headed by Prof. Oddmund Bakke. NorMIC Website

The NorMIC node is an EuroBioImaging Node



Bergen, University of Bergen

This node is also known as MIC, it is headed by Prof Jaakko Saraste

MIC Website

Trondheim, NTNU, CMIC Node

The manager of Cellular & Molecular Imaging Core Facility(CMIC) is Bjørnar Sporsheim.


CMIC Website


Trondheim, NTNU, CAM Node

The Center for Advanced Microscopy(CAM) is headed by Prof. Ruth Catharina de Lange Davis and supported by Astrid Bjørkøy.

CAM Website

Tromsø, UiT, AMCF

The Advanced Microscopy Core Facility(AMCF) is supported by Kenneth Bowitz Larsen.

AMCF Website